Wednesday, October 26, 2011

.how God lifted me out of the funk.

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.how God lifted me out of the funk.  The past half month has kind of been lame.  Yep lame.  I was getting down because we have not had an update on our little guy yet, we have been really sick, and I was all sorts of jealous ugly. lame for sure.  

Towards the end of last week I started to read my Bible more.  I don't know why I don't do this sooner when I am in a funk.  Right now I am reading through all the Gospels and since I literally just started I am in Matthew.  I didn't get too hung up on a particular verse, but I was reading the notes (I have a study Bible) and this stuck out like a sore thumb, "Consenting to marry Mary surely cast doubt on his (Joseph's) own innocence regarding the pregnancy, as well as leaving them both with a social stigma they would carry for the rest of their lives." 

I hold Joseph in high regard.  He didn't have to marry Mary, he chose to.  He didn't have to father a baby that was not his, he chose to be an adoptive father.  He, by choosing to follow God, lived his life with a social stigma always pointed at him.  That could not have been easy at all.  That must have been utterly difficult.  But He also followed God.  I think that when we follow God, we are faced with more challenges.  However because we have the Lord we can easily get through them.  

Something else that jumped out at me in reading this is the fact that Joseph is the man that God chose to parent his one and only son.  God chose Joseph to raise his son!  What an honor!  I want to continue to act in obedience to God and live like Joseph.  Even when it is difficult.  Even when it is hard.  Even if it is not socially the norm.  or accepted.  or whatever.  Because this is the path God has chosen for me.  ME.  I am so amazed that God chose me for this big job; for parenting two little ones (and almost a third), and being a wife, and having a blog, and a wee little shop, and everything.  I am simply amazed. 

So with those thoughts on my mind and a lot of greatness happening around me like a baby being born to a good friend, 5 packages coming in the mail on the same day, game nights, and an unexpected surprise God helped me out of the funky road and lame town I was in.  .how God lifted me out of the funk.

How do you get happy, when your in a funk?
Do you change how you are living? ex: read more, hang out with friends?
Do you try to shift your attitude? 

If your in a funk now.... the picture below is bound to make you happy.

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Because if running baby elephants don't make you smile, I don't know what will. :) 
Have a good day, friends!

*PS: I wrote this post early, which is not how I usually roll, and as luck would have it Pink eye came again with vengeance.....pray for me to keep this positive attitude, and for that ugly bug to go away!

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rebecca said...

is it me, or is that sweet elephant smiling? :)