Wednesday, September 7, 2011

.wedding recap - rehearsal & getting ready.

Hill & me at the rehearsal 

.wedding recap - rehearsal & getting ready.  My sisters wedding was this past weekend.  In case you missed that in my previous posts.  We had an amazing time!  Earlier in the week the weather was nasty and knocked out power in half of their area.  Their rehearsal dinner got changed a bit and was done in candle light at the baseball stadium Seth works at.  Our hair appointments were switched to the apartment, due to lack of power - luckily Hilary was able to find a place to do her hair.  Thankfully the reception venue still had power and nothing needed to be changed there.  I think it turned out better then planned and we just rolled with it.  Here are some pictures of the rehearsal and of us getting ready...... more to come later!  .wedding recap - rehearsal & getting ready.

walking down isle with lovely ribbon bouquet 

practice, practice, practice

I stood up with Kirk, Seth's brother 

braiding of the cords

with my sisters, Alyssa, Hilary, & I

at the stadium, goofing around with Asher


 setting up at the venue

 vintage coke bottles were the center pieces 

instead of cake they had a candy bar

Hill made everything herself!

 on our way to the park!

 on our way!

 Hilary's beautiful wedding gown!

we got ready in an area that had some gymnastics equipment, of course we all started doing our routines

putting on make up

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