Friday, September 9, 2011


.remembering.  This weekend is the tenth anniversary since the 9/11 attacks.  It crazy to think that 10 years has gone by.  I remember exactly where I was when I heard what happened.  When I see footage of it on t.v. I still get the same eerie feeling come over me as I first did on that Tuesday morning.  I was a senior in high school then and it was hard for me to grasp exactly what was happening.  How does a teenager make sense of terrorist attacks, how does anybody? 

In the days after the attack I remember our community pulling together to pray for those in New York and around the United States.  I remember our nation pulling together for each other.  The candle light vigil at the Madison, WI capital, church services,  and a cross made out of mini- American flags in our yard are still are fresh pictures from the week that followed.  

I know that everyone over the age of 7 probably remembers where they were on that day.  I bet it is the same for those who lived through Pearl Harbor.  I don't think we will ever forget.  Today I am remembering 9/11.  I am saying prayers for those who are still healing from this attack.  Praying for the children of those lost.  Praying for parents who lost children.  Wives who lost husbands.  People who lost friends.  And praying that our Nation will remember and not be divided but continue to rally together as the United States of America.  .remembering. 

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Ellen said...

Remembering...I was sitting at my computer when my brother called me, asking if I'd heard the news...I hadn't...I turned on the TV and dissolved into tears...I was/am so very fortunate. My husband worked for the White House, in the New Executive Bldg. My brother kept telling me "Honey, they're evacuating all the government buildings! He'll be alright." My oldest daughter was in college, called home crying; my two younger ones were at home with me since we were homeschooling, and they never left my side because of how upset I was.

After many hours, I got a call from a woman in NC; she was the sister of one of my husband's office mates...she called to tell me that he and Cindy had found a taxi to take them to her house in northern VA and she was going to drive my husband home. I was never so thankful to talk to a total stranger!!

Once he was home, and Cindy stayed for dinner, we began to think of all those pilots that are friends...we began to think beyond ourselves a bit...

Later I was to learn that my niece's best friend's brother was killed at the Pentagon...

I thank God for all our blessings!!

Peace be with you and your family,