Friday, September 2, 2011

.play ball....i mean my sisters wedding.

.play ball.....i mean my sisters wedding.  This weekend my sister is getting married!  Her fiance, hi Seth, is a Major, CAPITAL M - sports fan.  The whole wedding is baseball themed.  I really should take pictures of everything, and will soon.  Their save the date was a baseball card.  The invitation was a ticket stub, the reply card even ripped off to be sent back!  Oh the details of this wedding are amazing, but I can't share with you all just yet - those pictures will be up sometime next week.  But - these pictures might give you a hint of how we might be celebrating.  Enjoy the long holiday weekend and play ball!  .play ball....i mean my sisters wedding. 

ps: Hill - I LOVE YOU & CAN'T WAIT - TWO DAYS GIRL, take a breath :) 

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Anna of IHOD said...

So exciting! Definately share pics! These are the coolest examples!!