Thursday, September 1, 2011

.meet future mama and future papa.

Future Mama and Future Papa are an amazing couple.  I have grown in friendship with Angela, aka future mama, from Expecting a Blessing over this year and I am so thankful that the Internet and the Lord connected us to each other.  Angela is one of my closest blogging buddies and I am so honored to get to share her families story with you all.  Please take some time to get to know Angela and Nathan, and their sweet southern twang, a little more.  And take the time to help support them by picking up some lovelies from Hannah James

"I'm only one.  But still, I am one. 
I cannot do everything, but still, I can do something.
And  because I cannot do everything, 
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do."
~Edward Everett Hale

When did your family start the adoption process?
We began consistently praying about adoption this time last year.  We started actively researching agencies in January 2011 and officially signed with His Hands in May.

Where are you adopting from?
When Portuguese sailors first discovered this place, they called it Ilha Formosa, which means "beautiful island."  Today, it is known as Taiwan

Why did you choose to adopt from that country?
This was a decision we struggled and prayed over for months.  With current orphan estimates soaring over 160 million worldwide, we didn't even know where to begin.  The short story: God led us to Taiwan.  The longer story:  the beauty and modern cities of Taiwan mask a harsh truth; up to 50% of all Taiwanese women have had an abortion.  For many, this is not a "pro-choice" decision, most of these women have no choice.  The orphanages are full and the stigma associated with being an unwed mother is severe.  Cultural factors place a tremendous amount of value on bloodlines, so the children remain in orphanages, un-adopted by the people of the country.   Because the orphanages are full, some experts now believe that the yearly abortion rate exceeds the birthrate, for mothers who do not want their children have no viable choice for their children. We have chosen to work with an agency, His Hands, whose primary focus is not adoption, but to support the birth mother and teach her the skills she needs to raise her child as a single mother.  Should she chose not to do so, they offer adoption as a last option.  This need for adoptive parents, combined with many other reasons, has led us to the decision to adopt a child, of either gender, from this country. 

What are some of your families favorite activities?
We love snuggling by campfires and eating s'mores.  We love walking our hyper puppy, who loves to run and play in fresh grass.  We enjoy cooking, reading, and watching Castle.  I'm a history nerd.  He's an exercise buff.  We work together :-)

Why do you blog?
To document our journey!  I want to remember every moment of this adventure.  And since lately I have been pretty much obsessing over all things baby, this will (hopefully) work as an outlet for my ramblings about chubby baby cheeks and nursery decor.  It's a prevention technique really, so that at work I can maintain my image as a serious scholar, relegating the excited mama chatter to....well...the blog!  I am also writing for our future son or daughter, who may not have many baby pictures.  I will have missed his or her first smiles, sounds, and little movements.  But, through this blog, I hope he or she will be able to feel our love and excitement wrapped up with our "paper pregnancy."  And....we are first time parents, and we can use all the help and advice we can get!  Quite frankly, the idea of becoming a parent is exciting, but it is also scary!  Fears, doubts, questions, unknowns, eek!  We hope to be able to join the fantastic online community not only of adoptive parents, but also just parents in general.  I have found tremendous comfort in reading through many of your blogs.  Ya'all are an impressive group of  strong, creative, loving mothers (any men out there reading this?).  Truly examples of the type of mother I hope to be.  I'm also excited that possibly, potentially, someone who is considering adoption may stumble upon our blog and become just as excited about adoption as we are!  That God may use us to play a small role in inspiring others to follow Him in caring for "the least of these."

Favorite color?
Sunshine yellow

Favorite candy/food?
Homemade sweet potato fries, warm garlic bread, dumplings, ice cream sundaes, brownie bites, and peach pie.

What are some other fundraisers you have done?
We have co-founded Leaves of Love, which is not only a tool to help families with the financial obligations of adoption, but also a beautiful way to showcase family and friends who have been involved in your adoption.  We also have a tree of our own

Where do you live?
The South, where fried okra is fresh, music has a twang, and sweet tea reigns supreme

Favorite place to visit?
What an impossible question!  The mountains, the beach, family, friends.....all are favorites in our hearts.  We love nature, adventure, and hope to see the world! 

We feel so blessed to partner with Hannah James this month, especially since they JUST got their referral!  We would love to show them just how much they are loved by raising a huge chunk of money for their adoption this month.  Show your support by making Hannah James your facebook status for the day.  Put their link at the bottom of your emails this month (example: Adopting an orphan won't change the world, but for that one family and one orphan, the world will change.  Help my dear friends, the Thompsons, bring their little one hope by purchasing something from their shop, Hannah James.)  Get a jump start on your Christmas shopping.  Buy something for an under appreciated mom, friend, or sister and mail it to them "just because."  Together we can help create families. ~ Angela

To help them get closer to bringing their little one home shop at Hannah James!

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