Thursday, September 8, 2011

.happy birthday little man.

  I can't believe you are one!  I feel like you were just born.  This year has gone by too fast.  Right now you are a climbing machine, you climb everything in site.  You have taken about four consecutive steps in a row and you want to walk on your own but are not quite there yet.  Your dance moves are pretty fantastic and you look like your jumping but you don't get any air time - it is more like bouncing.

You are my snuggle buddy and you love to snuggle with me - when anyone else tries it is an automatic fail.  I, not so secretly, love this about you.

You eat everything in site and your favorite food is anything that is in front of you.  I think you love hot dogs more then the average kid, they are usually gone right away.

I love you buddy and hope that today we have a magical day celebrating your first year.  Our plans include ice cream for breakfast, a zoo trip, some sleep time, pizza for dinner, and a Packer win!
I Love You Forever and Ever, mama :)


Joshua Crabb said...

hey, we're going to the zoo too! maybe we'll see you there :)

Joshua Crabb said...

ummm this is tina, not josh. wierd. :)

Anna of IHOD said...

Hannah, what a beautiful 1st year tribute to your son. I was getting emotional today just preparing Veronica's 5 month photo. If we could only keep them small forever...:)