Tuesday, September 27, 2011

.and it's out of my hands.

.and it's out of my hands.  We have officially handed in our dossier!  And it is such a relief.  It took us 10 weeks and 6 days to complete, which might qualify us for some sort of record.  In that time we had a huge opening of our hearts, got our referral, and changed our home study.  We also celebrated Birthdays and Weddings, got family pictures, made a fun video, and had a ginormous garage sale.  This past ten weeks has been a whirlwind to say  the least. 

Aaron & I with our finished dossier! 

The dossier kind put me in a weird zone, I was going Crazy with all the important paperwork I had.  The kids were not allowed anywhere near them and neither was my husband, haha.  I also sorta freaked out when we had to copy each document 4 times.  NO ONE was allowed to touch them but me.  The lady at Kinkos suggested I run them through the slot on the top of the copier and I almost lost it.  It was essential that the staples and everything remain in the same place, or I would have had to start over.  Needless to say it is done now and the stress is gone with it!

Our Dossier & 3 copies..... lots & lots of paper.

I am one happy mama knowing that our paperwork is complete.  Now, our agency is reviewing everything again, then they will send our papers to Washington D.C. for Authentication.  Once they are authenticated the papers will be sent to Ethiopia!!!  Which means we are one step closer to our little one.  .and it's out of my hands. 


Sarah Carter said...

Love love love!!! Congrats on completing such a big step :)

Lindsey said...

How did you complete your dossier in such a short amount of time?! We had to wait and wait and wait for our home study appointments and now we're still waiting for our I-171H!! I'm getting really impatient...I just want our dossier to be on its way!

Yay for you guys and being done! One day we'll join you!! :)

Eastwitching said...

Wishing you luck lovely girl - Alison from Eastwitching.