Monday, August 8, 2011

.what a weekend.

 electronics, tools, shoes, and sporting equipment

baby clothes

.what a weekend.  This past weekend we had our huge garage sale adoption fundraiser!  It was amazing.  We had over 15 families donate items for the sale and there was a lot for people to choose from.  Instead of pricing out everything, we had all items be name your own price.  Everyone who came knew where the donations were going and having customers name their own price worked out well for us.  Many people overpaid for their items and some underpaid.  All in all I think we came out even. 

my parents yard & garage - full of items!

On Saturday I prayed, "Lord, let me see you work today".  And he did, in an unexpected way!  Later in the afternoon a woman came and started asking the prices of items.  She spoke Spanish and I was doing a really poor job of communicating the "name your own price" line.  I finally gave her a bag and said, "fill the bag for $1.00 or $2.00".  She lit up and started shopping!  She was so grateful for the low prices and exclaimed, "only $1.00!"  I loved watching her be able to get items she needed and felt joy in being able to.  It was a blessing.  

Aaron - managing the donations

Thank You!!!

After the sale ended we were able to donate three truck loads of items to a couple different places.  One truck load went to a church down the street for their annual sale later this month and two trucks went to goodwill.  It was amazing to see how many items were donated and we truly felt blessed by the entire experience.  Thank you if you donated, helped out, or prayed for the garage sale!  We are grateful to have such wonderful friends in our lives.  .what a weekend. 


Lindsay said...

Wow, what a sale! It's such a blessing to see who all wants to help and donate when doing something like this. The pic of you and your hubby is so cute!


Mandie M. said...

:) Yay, it was so much fun! Love you, Dez!

Silver Strands said...

wow - EXHAUSTING! Good job :)