Thursday, August 11, 2011

.question time & a giveaway.

.question time & a giveaway.  Alright, y'all - I need some help (and suddenly I am sounding like Angela).  We are on our third month of the partnership program here at Hannah James and I am looking for some feedback.  

Do you like the way the program works?  
Do you think partnering with one family at a time is good?  
Would you like to see more?  
If you were a partnering family (or will be) would you like it to be more then a month?  

Any and all feedback is appreciated.  I just want to get a feel for where everyone is at.  Thanks.  

Oh, and since your helping me out I am going to throw in a free three month sponsorship to one lucky person who comments on anything related to the partnership program.  *this giveaway will be open until sometime next week.  .question time & a giveaway.


Future Mama said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Southern twangs taking over the world....

Oh you just brightened my day!

Hope you get tons of feedback :-)

Briana said...

I think it would be nice for the partnering family to have another month. But, I guess that would depend on how long your wait list gets. It's a really nice thing you do, though!