Tuesday, August 30, 2011

.celebrating in fast forward.

.celebrating in fast forward.  Right now our life is going crazy fast.  Our adoption is moving so quickly it is a little overwhelming to think about.  There are documents to be collected, fingerprints to be taken, and grants to be applied for.  

Also, my sister is getting married this upcoming weekend.    There are shoes to find for the little ones, big pom pom decorations to be made, and a speech to be written.   

Then life itself needs to continue and there are play dates and new babies to celebrate - congrats again Nate & Heidi (and family).  And, almost forgot, a baseball game for a special little one year old - I can't believe our baby is almost one.  Lots to do in little time - this week is CAPITAL CRAZY - and I love it!  .celebrating in fast forward. 

Is your life going fast right now too?
I hope you are celebrating what God is doing!

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