Wednesday, July 20, 2011

.what is that foreign word.

.what is that foreign word.  The mentioning of our dossier might have some people confused.  After all it is a foreign word to anyone outside of the adoption community - and half of those in it.  Since it is a foreign word a pronunciation is also necessary; dossier sounds like doc -see - ay as apposed to doze-er, which I had previously thought, haha. 

Anyhow, it is the part of adoption we are in right now.  So what is it?  The dossier is a compilation of documents needed in inter-country adoptions (adoptions that happen outside the United States).  The documents we need are bank statements, money statements, birth certificates, marriage certificates, photographs of us, passport verification, medical versification, and anything else that could be or is important and pertains to us in any way.  There are 29 total pages that go into our dossier.  29!  These pages, for the most part, all need to be notarized and state sealed - without any flaws.  Then they are sent off to Ethiopia.  Right now our family is gathering all of these documents.  

To be honest the 29 pages of documentation is not all that hard to gather.  It is the notarization and flawlessness that we have to watch out for.  Right now, I think, we have most of our documents notarized - were just waiting on a few that are out of our hands (certificates from the state).  And that my friends is where were at in the dossier process.  And what that foreign word means.  .what is that foreign word.

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Future Mama said...

LOVE all the cute pictures and the flow of this post. Hurray for getting things done!!

Much love,
Future Mama