Tuesday, July 5, 2011

.the carter family.

The Carter family is our second family in the Hannah James partnership program.  We are really excited to help them out and partner with them.  Sarah is an amazingly talented artist, her husband Steve is a Pastor and superstar soccor coach, and their sweet boy Emerson cracks me up!  Please take the time to get to know this family even more.  And take the time to support them by purchasing some lovely goods at Hannah James
"I would love to take a second to celebrate the amazing way that the adoption process has surprised us... when we began we knew there would be loops and ebbs that would make it challenging, but the support of community, old and new, has been incredibly encouraging.  For those that are considering adoption, I'd love to encourage you to simply begin praying and to be open to what comes... never let fear stop you from adopting, because I can attest to the awesome ways that God will provide for you!" -Sarah Carter

When did your family start the adoption process?  We began to feel the heart tug towards adoption right after the massive earthquake in Haiti.  Our friends were in the process of adopting their son and she was there visiting him when it struck.  Following her updates and praying for them kept the cry of the orphans on the forefront of our minds.  Shortly after we began to pray seriously about our own call to adopt, and from there God has given us an incredible, life-changing adventure of adoption.

Where are you adopting from? Ghana West Africa

Why did you choose to adopt from Ethiopia? We knew we wanted to adopt from Africa, partly because my husband has frequently traveled there and we've always had a connection.  Ghana was one of the two countries we qualified for, and we immediately felt a strong pull toward Ghana.  Our agency, AAI, is amazing and values orphan care and family preservation - so a portion of our adoption fees are reinvested into the community to provide medical care, education, and safe homes for the children in Ghana.  We love this idea!

How many children do you have, if any? Our son is three, and is super excited about his "Ghana brother".

What are some of your families favorite activities? We live near the pacific ocean so love to spend days at the beach building sandcastles, searching for starfish, and splashing in the waves.  We also love to hike and play at the park, and often get together with good friends to share a meal.  

Favorite color? The color of the sea.

Favorite candy/food? I absolutely love love love Mexican food.

Where do you live? We live in Fullerton, California.  Its a cute little artsy town with a downtown farmers market and the most amazing tea shop within walking distance from our 1920's beach bungalow.

Favorite place to visit? There is nothing like going home to my parents house.  I grew up on a horse ranch in Arizona and being back there, watching the horses run and the water-color sunsets will always be the most peaceful place I can imagine being.

Favorite quote? "All you need is love." -Lennon

What are some other fundraisers you have done? We have been incredibly blessed by the generosity of others - it is one of the most inspiring aspects of our adoption process. We have done a yard sale, a shirt sale, a benefit art show, and have also had others donate their time and giftedness as well.  One example of this is a couple who attend our church that asked their guests at their wedding to donate to our adoption instead of buying them wedding gifts (AMAZING!!)  We were blessed to raise over $7,000 that way.

Why do you blog? I love the outlet that blogging gives me and I have always enjoyed writing, but never imagined myself a blogger.  When we decided to adopt I knew the story God was leading us through was so spectacular that I really wanted to share it with others.  I hope that through writing our family experience we can inspire others who are adopting and or those who value the cause of the orphan.  Click here to visit Ground Swell, their blog.

And help them get closer to bringing their little one home by shopping at Hannah James!

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