Monday, June 20, 2011


.storenvy.  You may have noticed that I have a love-hate relationship with etsy.  I love a lot about it but at the same time I always feel like I get lost in the crowd.  Every time I go back, I seem to find myself finding another place to sell my products.  Some place smaller.  The odd thing is I don't purposefully search for these other shopping sites, I just happen to come across them and love then -dare I say it- more then etsy.

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across a social shopping site called Storenvy.  It immediately caught my interest as a seller because, alas - It is 100% free, like big cartel - whom I also love.  And it promotes the shops, something big cartel is not involved in.  I feel like it is the best of both worlds.

Since it is free.  I joined.  Set up my products.  And LOVE IT!!!  From all the online selling sites, I can hands down say it is one of the best.  And I have sold through a lot of different markets- etsy, 1000 markets, storenvy, big cartel (I only set up there, never sold) and zibbet.  I love that it is social shopping, you can follow stores, and follow friends.  I adore this feature because it promotes handmade items in a great way - instead of separating everything like big cartel or competing against each other like etsy.

I will probably post more on this sometime soon, as I myself get more acquainted with the site.  For now, go visit and tell me if you like it or hate it.  If you sell your items online, what is your favorite site to sell through?  If you buy items, where do you usually go to buy?  .storenvy. 

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Anonymous said...

I too have just discovered storenvy and i LOVE it. I hated etsy with a passion.... it's the same old crowd and everyone else getting lost in the mix. Once they grow it'll be better cause the internal sales it what really drives etsy... and those listing fees.