Monday, June 13, 2011

.sticking together.

.sticking together.  I know I post a lot about other adopting families.  I have to.  It helps me remember that other families are yearning for their children halfway across the globe.  It helps remind me that other families are putting their hearts out there, just like us.  It helps me remember that I am not alone.  And because I am not alone in the adoption process I will continue to link to them, to stay connected.  

We families need to stick together.  We encourage one another through, blog posts, through chat sessions & forums, through our etsy groups.  We encourage one another through fundraisers,  and emails.  To be honest if I didn't blog about adoption and connect with other mom's I would feel really alone.  

I know other families who have been through the process of adoption.  I am beyond grateful for their advice and encouragement,  but they are not in the midst of this long process right now, I am.  And I love that I get the support I need from people in my exact same position from these social media sites.  I have been blessed to meet some amazing people who are becoming closer each day.

That being said, one of my blogging buddies needs our help.  Lindsay and her family are adopting a little girl from the Congo.  They need to raise money before they can go and get her.  Please pray with me for this family and read where they are at in the process here.  They need our help to raise money so they can bring home their little girl.  Please consider helping them.  Thank You for sticking with me and praying for them.  .sticking together

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