Friday, June 3, 2011

.new look.

.new look.  Hey everyone!  I am going to keep my life simpler by only having one blog!  In theory one blog for the new shop and one for my family sounded great.  But in reality I can hardly keep up with the one, so adding another is not the best option.  I have switched the name of this blog from Simply Simon to Hannah James to reflect the shop, to have a change of pace, and because Hannah James has special meaning.  I am sorry for all the confusion & I hope you can forgive me and support me here at the newly improved Hannah James Blog! 

Now that everything, for the most part, is switched over.... How do you like it?  Do you like this layout better?  Is it easier to navigate?  Do you want me to switch back?  Is it all too confusing?  Do you like the new name?  Any feedback is appreciated, thank you for bearing with my super random brain today, and always :)  Have a good one.  .new look. 

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whoFilets said...

I like the colors and layout and I think it is good to be less confusing!