Thursday, June 30, 2011

.147 million reasons why.

.147 million reasons why.  This week I was talking to a lady about adoption.  She stated that her and her husband thought about adoption but are hesitant.  She said they are hesitant because they are friends with a couple who is three years into the process of a domestic adoption.   Her thought was there is not really a need.  When she asked, "so, is there a need?"  I was stunned.  Is there a need?  YES - YES - there is a need.  There are 147 million (most likely more) reasons why there is a need.  There are over 147 million orphans in the world today.  So yes there is a need.  And it is high.  Below there is a video that has some more alarming statistics that have had some influence on why we are adopting from Ethiopia specifically.  The numbers in the video are taken from a variety of websites and organizations and put together by the Young family.  .147 million reasons why. 


Lindsay said...

I want to say that I'm shocked by the lady's comment, but until my husband and I researched last December we didn't realize how many orphans there are in the world. I feel like people must know that there are needy kiddos out there, but the extent of that need is alarming. We can do our part by continuing to share the need of those orphans and hope and pray that other hearts will be softened enough to take action.

Future Mama said...

Wow, sometimes I get so wrapped up in the adoption world that I forget what everyone else knows!

Much love,
Future Mama

Anna of IHOD said...

147 million?! WOW. Thank you for bringing awareness to this. It is so close to my heart. The video isn't working so will try again here in a moment.
God bless~