Wednesday, May 11, 2011

.one down.

.one down.  Hey everyone - this is just a quick update.  Last night we meet our social worker, who is really nice and funny.  I am so relieved that we get along with her!  We received a bunch of information that I am still trying to wrap my brain around.  We also got a three inch binder full of paperwork that we need to read through, fill out, and send back.  The binder is no joke and has the prospects of either becoming my best friend this summer or my worst enemy.  I am hoping the first option plays out.  Thanks for all the support and love, my nerves are on a break for now - but might peak again on May 24th the night of round two.  .one down. 

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Future Mama said...

So glad that you like her!! And praying that the binder is in fact a best step closer to your child!

Much love,
Future Mama