Thursday, May 26, 2011

.a cup of tea.

I love ya Hill!
.a cup of tea.  Last weekend was my sister Hill's wedding shower.  On Friday, at the last minute, I decided I should make some fun props and we would set up a photo booth area.  It was so last minute, the props were made with straws and some plastic knives.... haha.  Her shower was a lot of fun and I loved the fact that a lot of family & friends came to celebrate Hilary in style.  Everyone wore tea party attire and it was lovely!  .a cup of tea.
I love her banner so much! I will be making myself one....for something!
Cake stands with cupcakes made by the bride to be!
 Welcome Sign
Lydia LOVED the decorations!
She couldn't stop staring at the decor!
Her hair bow & pom pom garland (in doorway) are both from Millalove
 Our Grandma playing the Accordion! 
 My sisters & I
 All the Bridesmaids.... EM you are seriously cracking me up!
 Who knew they could be so much fun!
My earrings are from Hannah James...silly self promo, I know!
My friends daughter saw these pics and said, "Why is she looking so ridiculous?" 
My answer, "If I can't look ridiculous at this age, then when can I?"....
....maybe at my mom's age... 
All the lovelies! 


Lora said...

so cute!!

Anna of IHOD said...

I absolutely loooove this theme! SO fun!!