Tuesday, May 10, 2011


.butterfly's.  Tonight we have our first home study meeting.  And I am a mix of emotions - nervousness being the top one.  I am excited to get going on this part of our journey, but I am also really scared.  Because, I have no idea what to expect.  Will it be casual?  Will it be more business?  What will they ask us?  Lots of questions and lots of butterfly's.  Please pray that my nerves calm down and I can actually focus.  Thank you blogging friends.  .butterfly's.

Also - I just wanted to share these two adoption fundraiser success stories.  Both made me teary because both families have been blessed with wonderful friends and family that have helped them raise funds in creative and inspiring ways!  Ok a garage sale is not too creative, but the amount of stuff they got, so inspiring!  God is good and it is awesome to see him move mountains :)

Overwhelmed by City Grace
Amazed by Ground Swell

PS: One of my friends told me today, "I don't know why your nervous, if you guys can't adopt - I don't know who can!".... Thank you for the support and love, I really appreciate it - nerves are still strong though, ha.


Megan said...

Hope the butterflies went away! At our home visit, the SW opened a bedroom door to find our youngest son napping. . .on the floor! LOL.

Mandie M. said...

Can't wait to hear how it went! I love you, honey!

Tiffany said...

We just completed our first adoption (less than 7 weeks ago), and I can so empathize with these feelings over the homestudy. I hope all went really well, and that you were blessed with a wonderful social worker!

Be Blessed.

Nicole said...

You are so sweet! We can trust Him with BIG things!! And He is so sweet to give us these glimpses of the beautiful Body of Christ along the way! Praying for your upcoming events!!