Monday, May 16, 2011


.8+8.  One thing I have learned to appreciate about blogging is the fact that I can look back and see my children grow.  Last week I saw this post about Lydia and it stopped me in my tracks, because this is exactly how old Asher is right now.  So I thought I would make a post for him too. .8+8.
Asher, you are growing up too fast.  Way too fast.  It is like mega-speed fast.  And some days I would like time to stop for a while, just so you stay (somewhat) little.  Happy 8 months and 8 days - we love you kid.

This is you right now:
You are crawling at lightning speed, which is highly impressive since you just learned about two weeks ago.
You go straight for cords and outlets, I am redirecting you all the time - and then you find another to go to.... this drives me crazy.
You are happy around me - that is it.  If I leave the room, you cry.  If daddy has you, you worry and often cry until your back in my arms.  If you are with a sitter, you cry and then go to bed.
You are definitely a mommas boy and thats alright with me because someday you won't want to be cuddled.  And someday you will not want me all the time. 
You love to babble.
You love the ladies (as long as I am holding you), seriously you give them your biggest smile and they can't resist you gorgeous eyes.
You love your sister and think she is hilarious - which she is most of the time. You two can really crack each other up.
You are a big boy!  Already in size 18 month pants, not for the length but for your big tummy. 
You love bath time and splashing.
Your favorite baby foods are fruits.  And crackers.  You don't like vegetables and would rather not eat when we offer you them.
You have the same big blue eyes as your sister, and everyone comments on them.  
You love your blanket and when your tired you want it and me. 
You have already pulled yourself up to a standing position by yourself, twice.
You are growing too fast.
We love you to infinity and beyond. 


Future Mama said...

So sweet :-)

Much love,
Future Mama

Anna of IHOD said...

That is a reason I love blogging too:) He is so cute! I love that he already loves ladies. Funny how they can recognize them!