Tuesday, April 19, 2011

.what I learned.

.what I learned.  At the beginning of this month I participated in TOMS One Day Without Shoes Challenge.  It was more of an experiment for me then anything else.  I never wear shoes at home and in the summer I don't like to that much either.  I prefer to have bare feet & I think it has some correlation with me not being a shoe girl.  I would prefer to spend the extra money on a date night or extra latte, I know my sisters freak out too.  So although I thought the challenge would be hard, I didn't think it would be unbearable.  I WAS DEAD WRONG!
The day I went without shoes was a normal spring day here in Wisconsin.  The temperatures were in the mid 30's in the morning and it warmed up quite a bit by the afternoon to 47 degrees.  One of the hardest things in the morning was the temperature.  My feet were freezing.  Throughout the day I went to many different places and I only put my shoes on once.... because the DMV has long enough lines already & I didn't want to cause a scene or make myself wait any longer then I already had to.  
Throughout the day only two people told me I was not wearing shoes.  The first was a sweet lady who was taking numbers where we vote.  She thought I forgot them, haha, and I had the opportunity to tell her what I was doing.  The second was our friends daughter who decided she didn't want to wear shoes either.  Although not many people said anything, I definitely got weird looks and stares the entire day.  Even at the DMV where I sported flip-flops instead.  The looks alone made me uncomfortable and a little embarrassed.  I can't imagine not owning any shoes, it makes me think of how embarrassed people who lack shoes are on a regular basis.  
By the end of the day my feet hurt really bad, so bad that I didn't want to go grab items out of our van that I would have normally just run out to get.  They hurt for a couple days.  Overall I am glad that I participated because it really made me realize the impact our shoes have.  They really do protect our feet from many things and we need them.  I am glad that I got to experience the pain and the awkwardness for one day because it makes me want to reach out to people who don't have and cannot afford shoes.  .what I learned.
*One Day Without Shoes is about raising awareness so that we can help others.  TOMS donates one pair of shoes per every pair bought.  However we all, like me, have extras in our closets.  We all also can most likely afford to buy a pair and donate them to any shoe drive.  This is not just about TOMS shoes, it is about getting shoes on people feet no matter what organization you go through.  

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Anna of IHOD said...

Wow. Kudos to you for making it through. What an inspiration. I loved seeing people come together for this.

Received my bag from the auction yesterday! LOVE it!!
Have a lovely week!!