Monday, April 4, 2011

.spring wreath.

.spring wreath.  Last week I bought a glue gun, for the first time ever.  I know - surprising right.  I was holding off, and now that I have it, I'm not exactly sure why.  I bought the glue gun for one craft project in particular.... fabric roses.  For one party in particular, my sisters bridal shower.  We are throwing an Alice In Wonderland themed bridal shower for Hilary and I wanted to make a couple fabric roses, because she is the Queen of Hearts and she likes them red!  I have made a couple for Hill's shower..... but I have also made some things for myself.

I love all the spring wreaths around.  So I made my own variation.  The colors were inspired by the Brew Crew,  Hilary's wedding colors, and most importantly what I had in my scrap bin.  .spring wreath.
First I ripped strips of fabric, about 1 inch in width.  Then I wrapped them around a styrofoam wreath.  I used multiple strips of fabric and pins to keep the fabric in place. 
Once I got all done wrapping the fabric around, I made a bunch of little fabric flowers.  Thank you glue gun! 
 I came up with this spring bunch & glued until I felt they were all secure.  
And now we have a beautiful wreath to great our visitors!!! 

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