Monday, April 11, 2011

.paper coterie.

.paper coterie.  I just discovered a brand new documenting site.  I take so many pictures, but do I print them.... no.  It is such a problem.  I seriously need help with this, and I think I have found it.  I would love to scrap book more, but I don't have that much time and to be honest pulling out all my scrapbooking items and putting them back is not really my thing anymore.  I mean it has taken me months to work on our vacation mini books and they are still not done.  The vacation book I am working on is for when we went to Texas.... in the fall of 2009.  California's book is not even on the radar.  
 A preview of my book.  I am using the I Love Book.
 All that needs to change!  I found paper coterie this weekend and have started a Liberia book, which is also a couple years past its due date, so far I am loving it.  It is simple because the books are already made, all you have to do is upload some photographs and text, if you want.  I love that you can change the text but it's not necessary.  The Hopes & Dreams books for girls & guys are adorable.  And the A-Z book would be such a fun project for anyone with little kids.  I mean really how much fun would it be to find something of every letter & then have such a cool way to document it!  I also think the Grateful book would be a perfect coffee table book around Thanksgiving.  
  Paper Coterie has many different projects for people to choose from.  They have books, calendarsdecor, and more.  They are worth your time to check out.  Right now they are also offering one free product to anyone with a blog, up to 1,000 bloggers.  You don't need to have a lot of followers.  You don't even need to write a post about them.  All you have to do is go to their facebook page and look under their discussions for the details.  Now go, you know you have something to record!  .paper coterie. 

Do you have a favorite online scrapping site?  What do you love about it?

*I did not get anything extra from Paper Coterie for writing this post.  I just really love their site & want everyone to benefit from it!

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