Friday, April 15, 2011

.adoption update.

Us with our completed application!  We don't look our best because I was sick that whole morning and Aaron had kid & work duty.... despite all that we were really excited to send off the application! 

.adoption update.  Many people have been asking about our adoption status.  We are excited to share that we have officially finished our formal application and sent it in this week on April 12th!  Our agency has received it, they are going to review it and then send it to their main branch.  Up next will be our home study visits!!!  We are really excited to get started with this process.  I am a little nervous but luckily I have a couple close friends who have been through this process already and I can ask them what to expect.  Hopefully we will hear about when those will be soon.  

I have not forgot to give you the total raised from our Adoption Auction.... I am waiting on a few more donations, and will have the total sometime really soon - hopefully next week sometime.  If you missed our auction we still have a remaining few items here.  If you need something for babies, there are items - like this beautiful baby blanket!  If you need something for a birthday, there are items - like this necklace or this bag!  And if your looking for cute kid decorations all the monkey prints are still available!!!  All items are first come first serve!!!! Thanks again.  .adoption update.

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ApachesPrincess said...

Congratulations! How absolutely exciting for you and your family!! I wish you the best of luck!

When I clicked over to your profile, I couldn't believe you lived in Menominee! Haha, my family lives in Wausau which isn't very far, we are actually heading up there for Easter!