Tuesday, March 8, 2011

.lydia turns two.

.lydia turns two.  Today our little girl is two.  Where has the time gone?  On one hand I feel like I just had her and at the same time I can't remember what life was like without her here.....
  I can't believe you are two!  Happy Birthday little girl.  Right now you have the spunkiest personality.... unless we go somewhere or someone comes over, then you turn into a reserved shy little thing.  You love to take care of your dolls, you burp them, change them, feed them, and even give them time outs.  You also love your little brother and you accepted him into our family better then we could have dreamed of.  You guys are the best of friends and he thinks you are hilarious.  He looks up to you and loves you.  We love you too :).
  You are also the smartest little two year old I know, I know I am bias - but for real your smart!  You love to read and sit in your room for what seems like hours looking at books.  Your current favorites are the sheep/sleep book (Time for Bed), cats in the Library (Dewey: There's a Cat in the Library!), Deep in the Swamp, and I Love You Through And Through - which still chokes me up from time to time. You know all your letters & have since you were a little past one.  You know most of your numbers too.  Colors are another story.... You love singing and music of all kinds.  Twinkle, Twinkle is your favorite song - although many more are on your list of favorites as well.  Watching you dance is hilarious & fun; our dance parties are amazing.  Your jumping has improved and last Friday you actually got both feet off the ground, never mind that you landed on your bum.
  You are in love - IN LOVE - with animals of all kinds.  You adore puppies and kitties equally, don't let Aunt Jess fool you, and owls are your top pick.  You could watch Milo and Otis daily and I am pretty sure you would win if there was a contest in which two year olds had to recite that movie; your dad and I are pretty sure anyone from PETA has never watched it and once someone does I would be certain the movie would not be available any longer.  You also love watching the animals in our backyard - deer, turkeys, and especially the little black cat that comes by every now and then.  Bugs on the other hand you do not like and when you see them you scream, "squish it, get it"  until we do.  Most of the time your yelling is in combination with you poking or hitting the bug.
You love Jesus & remind us to pray.  Which is awesome.  Your heart is big, even though you are tiny.  We love you and have been so blessed that God gave us you.  We cannot imagine our lives without you and we know your a huge gift.  It has been wonderful to see you grow these past two years and we thank the Lord everyday that we get with you.  Happy Birthday sweet girl.  We love you, for always. -momma (& daddy too).


affectioknit said...

Sweet Happy Birthday!

Linda Fischer said...

That was the sweetest post!
I remember my three at 2 years old. What a precious precious time.

I especially loved the pic of her in the packer cheerleader outfit. Go Pack! :)