Tuesday, February 8, 2011

.old man winter.

.old man winter.
Dear Old Man Winter,

I was loving you until about a week ago.  I really was, and you know that is very uncommon for a habitually cold person like myself.  Then, you decided to launch a huge blizzard at us.  Causing me to miss meeting up with my sister and having a craft night.  As a result of the extreme cold you have dealt us the van would not start for two days.  And the road conditions that you bore upon us caused my husband to be late coming home for several days.  I know not all are entirely your fault.... but blaming you Mr. Winter is what I do.

You also decided to throw a bunch of sickness our way.  We thought we might be free and clear of getting sick this winter - we are soooo close.  Spring is right around the corner.  But alas, you sent something our way that is making the little girl not feel good - which is not good for her already overly small frame.  So, I am asking you, Old Man Winter, please go away.  I do like you, sometimes, but I think your time here has past.

Mrs. Spring and her lovely birdies and flowers and warm days are wanted.  Please let her know.  We can't wait for long walks outside.  And sandals, we desperately wish to wear those.  And days with windows rolled down to feel the warm breeze - the breeze Mrs. Spring brings.

Thank you, Mr. Winter, for understanding.  We would love to see you again next year.  We will look forward to the snowflakes that look like glitter falling from heaven.  We will wait for the clean and pure look you bring to the forest in our yard - the peace that only you can bring.  But, for now your stay has reached its end and it is time to move on.

Love from the Thompson house.
.old man winter.