Friday, February 11, 2011

.game night.

.game night.  Around here we love games.  We love card games and board games, but strategy games are our favorite.  Lately we have had quite a few game nights.  I believe that playing games can really bring out some hidden personalities in people.  Like, for instance, my competitive side shows strong and my determination to be "right".  So.... maybe it doesn't bring out the best traits.  None the less game nights are a blast.  Our friends recently introduced us to a game called Dominion.  It is awesome and highly recommended.  I am excited for tonights game night, they just get better and better.  .game night.

What games are your favorite?
What games do you recommend?

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Jenny said...

We like to play cards with my grandparents. We play shanghi rummy. I'm visiting from {in}courage community. I'm a new follower.