Friday, January 21, 2011

.a study on paul.

taken this morning :)

  .a study on paul.  I made a bold New Years Resolution.  I have to admit, I did not start right away.  Because I was just going to continue reading through the Bible like I previously had been - not really focusing on one chapter, or one person, or one specific study.  I have realized that plan will work for a little while, but then I get burnt out, I get board, and I stop reading.  My plan to have no plan failed. 

  Then out of no where, thanks God, I came across Beth Moore's 90 day devotional study on Paul. I bought it and suddenly checked into my resolution, I got focused.  I have only completed day 6, so I am not too far,  but already I am in total love of this devotion.  LOVE.  I cannot wait until tomorrow to read more and learn more.  I am excited to finish so I can then dive into her other devotions written in the same manner; Jesus, John, and David.

  What I love so much about these devotions are the personal questions she asks of the reader.  Most questions take significant time to respond to.  You have to think to answer.  They make you reflect on your own life and actions.  They leave you with a chance to grow.  To think.  To change.  To thank Jesus.  I love this study so far and would highly, HIGHLY, recommend it to anyone who is in a rut, stuck, board.  .a study on paul.

How do you read through the Bible?  Are there any studies out there you Highly recommend?


Richie said...

Please continue to keep us posted on this devotional. I have seen it in the store and was uncertain about it. Thanks :)

God bless, Richie

Rose said...

I've been doing the "Read through a bible in a year" online along with church, its in the bulletin each week. John and I earn giftcards each month for completing it ($15 a month) and when we both read through it completely we're going for a little weekend getaway to celebrate. It was John's idea and so far its worked, we've been reading since September and kept at it!