Monday, January 24, 2011

.raffle review.

Aaron picking the winner !!!

.raffle review.  I know I stated that I would be having a raffle a month on my blog.  Plans have changed.  Pay pal notified me that having a raffle online is illegal.  Yikes!  I seriously did not know.  I have seen other bloggers doing raffles and similar fundraiser, so I thought they were fine.  I guess I should have looked into it; I take responsibility for my ignorance.  (If your wondering, online raffles are alright if cleared before they start and are done for a registered non-profit organization.)  As a result of this I have ended the raffle early.  As of yesterday all raffle links have been removed and I will be creating some sort of other fun LEGAL fundraiser in its place soon.  Thank you for those of you who did participate.  Every single dollar towards our adoption truly means a lot and does help.  And every single dollar donated is going into our adoption fund.  .raffle review.  

Even though I ended the raffle early we still have a winner for the scarf & the winner is:
The winner is Sandy!  Congrats :)

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