Monday, January 3, 2011

.new year - new resolution.

.new year - new resolution.  In the past I have not been a big fan of making specific new years resolutions.  Growing up I would have the same one every single year.  Try not to drink soda.  That would last a week, two at the most, and then I would be over it. 

  The past couple years my resolutions have been more general life goals than anything.  Actually they were family plans, events we were planning for, looking forward too, and hoping to get past with little stress.  2006 - plan a wedding and go to school simultaneously.  2007 - finish school.  2008 - go to Africa and come back in one piece & get pregnant (note: two separate events... I was not planning to get pregnant on a mission trip or in Africa).  2009 - have baby.  2010 - get pregnant, ironically 9 days later we found out I was... so have baby was added.

  This year I took a little bit more of a serious approach to my New Years Resolution.  I love planning and looking ahead to my future but I am over the life planned resolutions.  I need one just for me.  I also wanted my resolution to be something really important.  It didn't take me long to write down, "to fall more in Love with the Lord" as my 2011 new years resolution.  I think it is something I should strive for each day.  And with God's help I will be able to accomplish.  .new year - new resolution.

I hope you all had fun with your new years resolutions!  Do you make them silly?  List life goals?  Steak out family plans?  Always have the same ones?  I am curious, what are some of yours?

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Lora said...

that's the best resolution you can have! :) praying that the Lord makes this your best year yet!