Wednesday, January 5, 2011

.money saving websites.

.money saving websites.  As we are looking at our budget for the following year we are also looking for more ways to save. 

  I already use Swagbucks and have racked up a nice stash of points.  Just swagged my first gift card prize, with loads of points to spare, and I love knowing that it is on it's way.  I also love how easy it is to accumulate points doing things I already do, like search online and shop.  I came across one woman who said she used her points to get her children's Christmas gifts.  If you want to try doing the same - now would be the time to start building up those points for next year. 

  I also love looking at the Groupon deals that are around.  I have a credit I am waiting to use & a nice massage sounds perfect, can't wait until they have one in my area. 

  Yesterday, I found a couple money saving sites that I am excited to try out this year.  I hope they are helpful.  The first one that I found is Ebates and the other is Shop At Home.  Both of these sites work the same.  They offer cash back for shopping at stores you all ready shop at such as Borders, Walmart, Target and even Groupon!  They also have so many different coupons available to you that are way better then the ones I usually find on Retail Me Not - and some you can use with the cash back programs.  They also have a whole slew of other incentives, freebies, contests, daily deals and more.  Right now if you sign up both sites will give you an instant $5.00, which to be honest is why I signed up in the first place.  Free money is free money.  With little ones at home I do a lot of online shopping - most of our gift giving has come in packages from online stores.  I hope that these sites will prove to help us out this year and save us some cash.  .money saving websites.

Do you use any of these sites?  Have they worked?.... do tell.

*To qualify for the free $5.00 at Shop At Home you have to sign up by putting my email (simply.simon.sisters{at}gmail{dot}com) in the friends email space when you sign up.*

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