Monday, January 31, 2011


.hearts.  We took down the Christmas decorations, finally.  In doing so our house looked so plain.  I don't have many, if any, Valentines decorations so we created some.  Lydia and I spent one day coloring plain paper, then I folded the sheets, cut out some hearts and strung them up.  Although they are not perfect, they are far from, they are loved and give our house an extra boost of positivity. 

By doing this project I learned that I need more patience when doing craft projects with Lydia.  I learned that the crafts will not be perfect.  I learned that I need to do more projects with her because there is sheer joy in showing them off to everyone who enters our house.  And that the joy in her face wins over the coloring on tables and whining because I am not hanging them fast enough.   .hearts.