Wednesday, January 12, 2011

.bulletin board.

.bulletin board.  As our adoption fund raising is now under way I wanted to create some way to track our progress.  I wanted it to be fun.  I wanted it to remind me of where we are headed.  I wanted it to make me think about Africa.  I wanted it to be cute and not boring.  I decided to print out a picture of Africa, one that showed every country.  Then I took our goal $30,000  and divided it by the number of countries in Africa (53 - including the islands around it)  to get each countries goal.  By doing this each country is "worth" around $575.00.  Once we raise that much we get to color in a new country.  (I got a little overzealous on coloring and we really have not raised that much yet, I guess I am optimistic.)  I hung the map up on our bulletin board as a reminder to us.  To spend less and save more.  To fund raise.  And to pray for our little one - Each and Every Single Day.

  I also have been making little business cards for our coffee fund raiser and our spring raffle fund raiser.  To get the word out.  Both cards I have been hanging up all over our town and handing out to people.  I sort of feel like a crazy woman trying to get people interested in our fund raisers.  But then I think of our little one (or one's) and I know it will be worth it in the end.  So worth it.  .bulletin board.

If you are interested in passing out some of our cards let me know and I can send you some - Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey dez its suz,,,, wow you have a lot saved up already. you should post up there everytime you guys get another country, it gets me so excited!

mandi said...

We are adopting and using the same fundraiser! Very cool!
Good luck to you guys!