Tuesday, December 28, 2010

.our big announcement.

.our big announcement.  You may have noticed some changes around the blog & shop.  I have added quite a few adoption type links.  Adoption is on our hearts around here.  It has been something I have thought about since before I was married.  Since my trip to Liberia, back in 2008, I have known that adoption would be in my families future. While I was there God solidified my heart for orphans and for Africa. 

This fall my husband and I officially decided we would start the adoption journey within the next year.  We feel God really wants us to build our family in this way and we feel that he wants us to do it now.  I will give you a little background on how we decided & when. 

In October of this year I really felt God putting adoption on my heart.  I decided to pray and look into it a little bit more before I brought it up with my husband.  After all our son was only a month old & it did sound a bit crazy.  During the last weekend of October we traveled to a wedding in Saint Louis.  We drove and were in the car a lot.  On that trip I decided to bring up the idea of adopting soon.  Adopting from Africa.  My husband and I have talked about it before - so it didn't come out of nowhere, hehe.  We both decided it was something we were going to do to expand our family.  On October 30th we made it official - we were going to adopt.

In November we started looking into adoption agencies.  This lead to many, many, websites and many, many questions.  We watched a webinar and emailed questions to agencies.  We feel called to one particular agency, however our hearts and minds are open and we are still looking.  We realized that we will not be able to officially start until September, when our son is one. 

In late November & December we started telling our friends and families.  We started thinking of fundraisers.  We set up a just love coffee fundraiser.  We also set up an adoption raffle page.  The page will host a handcrafted item that will be raffled off each month.  January's raffle item is a hand knit scarf!

And that brings us to now.  We are currently still looking into different agencies - we have until September to decide.  We are also looking at different countries in Africa.  Ethiopia seems to be where most agencies work thorough, although there are other countries that are opening up international adoptions.

I am excited about our future.  I am also really nervous.  I am nervous about every step of it.  From raising money to bring the little one home.  I am scared and worried.  But, I know that God put this on our hearts and I need to hand my worries over to Him.  Because He will provide and guide us through this process.  .our big announcement.


Blondee said...

Adoption is a blessing and a fantastic journey of spirit. Good luck to you on this journey.

.hil. said...

I would love to donate an item towards your adoption raffle and help out any other way I can!