Monday, December 6, 2010

.depraved indifference.

.depraved indifference. I watched this video last Friday and it shook me up. It touched my core. I felt it rise something that I buried within. And it hurt. Badly. Deeply.

It has been nearly three years since I went to Liberia.  And what have I done to share the lessons God granted me there?  The lessons that changed me?  To be honest not much. I have kept most lessons for myself.  And my immediate family.  And the shame sets in. I have not done my part to share about the people I met. I have not lived up to praying for those I cared for. The ones I called friends. The ones I call friends. Those I long to see again.

I have not done much of anything in telling others how my heart aches and how I long to be there again. I have bottled it up for far too long. I have kept the pain somewhere deep. Hidden.

The pain I still get from looking at a simple crayon. The pain I get because I once saw an orphan eat one. A blue one. Not out of curiosity but out of despiration. Despiration that does not exist here. I also know the joy one little crayon can bring to even adults across the world. The laughter that happens in grown men when they scribble with one. For the first time. I have bottled up the fact that such a simple crayon can bring so much emotion and so many memories. Both of joy and grief.  Silliness and Sorrow.

I urge you to watch the video. And feel moved. And read my stories. And act out of love. For Him. Because He Gave His Life.

If Christmas is really about Christ how are you helping his children? How am I? .depraved indifference.

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