Friday, December 10, 2010

.christmas outfits.

.christmas outfits.  I wanted to make my children's Christmas outfits each year.  That was decided before life went crazy and I ran out of time.  Since we are celebrating with my family this weekend - we need them.  Today I gave in and bought Lydia a dress.  It is super cute and simple and black.  And I probably could have made it if I had more time.  Asher however is hard to shop for.  It seems that there are no little boy Christmas outfits to buy.  Am I blind or is this true?  I mean, I find the cutest outfits for toddler boys but nothing smaller.  So, since Lydia is wearing plain black I decided to make Asher's.  Black matches anything. 

To make Asher's outfit I got out some scrap fabric leftover from Lydia's dress last year.  I appliqued a tie onto a onesie and I made a little vest.  I hope it fits.  I hope it matches fine.  And I hope it doesn't fall apart - since I made it super fast, it might.  Crossing fingers.  .christmas outfits.

What about you.  Do you make your children christmas clothes?  Do you buy?  If you have boys are they always hard to shop for?