Wednesday, December 29, 2010

.adoption q & a.

.adoption q & a.  I have been getting so many responses to our adoption.  I thought I would put together a list of some of the questions we have been getting.  And of course our answers.  I hope this helps to clarify some of the questions people have.  Please feel free to email me or comment on this post if there are more.  I am sure that more questions will come up as we go along, but these are the frequent questions right now.  .adoption q& a.

Why do you want to adopt?
  We want to adopt for many reasons.  One, we would like a bigger family.  And this is one way to expand it.  Another reason is the need for adoptive parents is high.  There are over 140 million orphans in the world today (I saw one statistic that said over 160 million), million.  The need is overwhelming to think about.  I know that adoption is not the only answer, but it is one way to help. 
  The biggest reason for wanting to adopt is the fact that God has put this on our hearts.  God calls us to take care of the orphans and widows.  He has called us to.  It is all I (Desiree) think about.  And I know that passion is from the Lord.  I also know that I need to be obedient to what God wants me to do.  This is His will for me and I trust that He alone knows what is best for our family. 

Does this mean you are done having biological children?
  We don't know.  For the time being we want to focus on the adoption.  In the future we may have more biological children, we may not.  We simply don't know.

You have two young children, are you Crazy to add a third?
  We may quite possibly qualify for CRAZY.  But we know our hearts are big enough for a third.  And if you look at the timeline (next Q down) the process does take a while and our children will be older.

What does the timeline look like?
  We cannot start the process until Asher is one.  That will be September of 2011.  The whole adoption process will take around 12 - 18 months.  Some are shorter and some are significantly longer.  We will most likely bring our baby home sometime in late 2012 to early 2013. 

How old will the child be?
  We do not know.  Right now we are still deciding up to how old we want to adopt.  We are thinking that we are going to check the box that states we want a child as young as possible.  Our child could be anywhere from 3 months to 2 years.  Most families bring home babies that are around a year, unless they have decided on an older child.  

What are you adopting? A boy or a girl?
  We are open to adopting a boy or a girl! We are letting the Lord decide what is best for our family.

Where are you adopting from?
  We have chosen to adopt from Africa.  Right now the country we want to adopt from is uncertain.  Ethiopia has the most established adoption laws and there are many agencies working there right now.  However, many more countries are opening up international adoptions and our hearts are open to them as well. We will have until our home study is complete to make a final decision. 

Why Africa?
  I (Desiree) have always had a heart for Africa.  I am drawn to the people, the land, the culture.  Every time I hear something about Africa my heart skips a beat and I am intrigued.  In 2008 I traveled with my friend Mandie to Liberia, West Africa.  I love it there.

Why not adopt from the United States?
  There are children in the U.S. who need to be adopted, I know that.  However the children in America do have the foster care system.  I know it is not ideal, they need permanent families.  I do get that.  And the need is great.
  Consider this though, the orphans in Africa (and other third world countries) are left to fend for themselves.  They do not have any government assistance.  They literally are on their own.  If these children do find themselves in an orphanage they still have to endure conditions that are horrendous.  I have seen it, they are hungry for food and affection.  They simply do not get enough.  (I literally could go on about this for days, to read about some of the stories from an African orphanage visit my letters from Liberia page.)
  I also know where my heart is and God has placed it in our hearts to adopt from Africa.  Kids in America need to be adopted, kids in Africa need to be adopted.  There are orphans every where that need homes. 

How much will it cost?
Around $30,000

How can you afford that?
  We can't afford adoption on our own!  There is no way we have that kind of money just sitting around.  We are calling on our friends and family to help us in this area.  We know that God put this on our hearts.  We also know that He will help us in the financial area.  When God's people work together mountains are moved.  We are excited, and nervous, to see how this all plays out.  Right now we just have to trust that God will help us through.

How can I help?
 There are many ways we need our friends and family to help!  The first and most important way you can help is prayer.  It means so much to know that we have people praying for us, for our family, for our little one and their family.  It means more then anything else and truly helps.  We also need people to spread the word about our adoption.  This way more people can pray and support us through the process.
  There are also many ways we are trying to raise money.  Because the $30,000 is not going to raise itself.  By telling others about our fundraisers you are helping a ton!

So what are your fundraisers?

Coffee Fundraiser:  
  This fundraiser is by Just Love Coffee.  They are roasting fair trade specialty coffees, Just Love uses proceeds to help an Ethiopian orphanage and families adopting not just from Ethiopia, but from anywhere in the world.

Raffle Fundraiser
  Each month I will be offering a handmade item, either one made by myself or one I receive through a donation.  Everyone will have the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket and possibly win the prize.  Each ticket is only $1.00.  January's raffle item is a scarf hand knit by me!

*If you would like to donate an item I would love it!

  This is a fundraiser button that is posted to a facebook page.  If you feel inclined we would love it if you could share it with everyone to help spread the word. 

Future Fundraisers:

  Spring Raffle Week:  I am planning a raffle week (well, two actually).  This will happen in late March.  I am currently taking donations to be raffled off.  Items that I am looking for are handmade items, jewelry, soap, etc.  Basically anything that can be sent in a small box.
  Garage Sale:  I am also planning on having a garage sale sometime this summer to raise money.  If anyone would like to donate items for that I will be taking them in the spring.  All items will be needed for this.

*If you have any other fundraiser ideas we would love to hear.  Thank you!


janimal said...
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LAL2LAM said...

I am so happy for you and your family in starting this process! It’s so exciting and it is so honorable that you have decided to adopt. I think that it is great that you are starting this soon to think of and start fundraising. Your raffle idea is great! I will also set aside some things for your garage sale as I find them (I’m sure I have some stuff :).

I also wanted to throw it out there I am a notary and I know once the paper work starts there are a lot of things that need to be notarized. Just let me know if you’d like me to help with that and we can get together and notarize when the time comes if that is easier (I’m pretty sure I’m not too far away from you).

Good luck with everything. It sounds like you have a great start, hang in there, it's going to be amazing as everything comes together!