Wednesday, November 17, 2010

.praising the Lord.

.praising the Lord.  This is a short post.  Short and very, very sweet. 
Because, life around here is capital CRAZY. 
Because, I hosted an amazing Open House last night that I think will become tradition around here. 
Because, I am getting ready for a craft show this weekend. 
Because, I am busy catching up on Harry Potter movies so that I am all set for Tuesday night - because that's when I am going, because I always go with my sister. Because it's our thing. 
Because, I am fighting off a sickness that is going around-I can feel it coming on (I am really hoping I don't get it... but the aching is already setting in - BOO). 

But in this busyness I am still praising God because HE IS AMAZING. 

This deserves praise:  My best friend Mandie and her husband David just got their adoption papers submitted to court.  Which means they will know when they can travel to pick up their son in about 4 weeks.  Praise God.  They have been waiting for three long months just for the submission and it finally happened. 
Please pray with me that the court date would be soon. 
Please pray with me that they will find every last ounce of patience in them to wait out this last part. 
Please pray with me that they will find cheep flights and the cost will be lower then expected. 
Please pray with me that they travel safe to Ethiopia.  Twice.
Please pray with me that the meeting between them and little Malachi is overflowing with LOVE. 
And please pray with me THANKING GOD FOR ALL OF THIS - because he orchestrated it all.  And the story is just beginning.

I thank you for praying with me.  .praising the Lord.

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