Friday, November 12, 2010

.coffee sleeves.

.coffee sleeves.  Project destash is in full blown mode around here.  I am newly re-committed to not buying more until I have used what I have.  I have a huge drawer full, plump FULL, of fabric.  Leftover remnants from previous projects.  Too little to to do a big project with, but too small to consider throwing away.  As I was drinking my coffee last Saturday I thought of making a bunch of coffee sleeves with them.  Turns out that's what they were cut for.  The remnants I have are the perfect size.  I have fully embraced this project and am working non-stop on making them.  I am making them for my Holiday Open House, which is Tuesday.  And I am making them for a craft fair I am in, next Saturday.  Time flies when your crafting. 

A tutorial may be in the works for these.  However, that is totally dependant on Asher sleeping through the night.  And right now that is no where near happening.  This child is throwing me for a loop - Lydia was so easy to train and was sleeping like a champ at 6 weeks.  Asher is completely different and needs to eat every three hours - AROUND THE CLOCK.  He has only given in to his lack of sleep twice - so we are tired around here.  One more reason for the coffee.  .coffee sleeves. 

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Debb said...

GREAT IDEA!!!! May God abundantly bless your upcoming Open House and craft fair! :) Man, wish I had a crafty fiber in my being! Ha! Go girl!