Monday, November 8, 2010

.celebrating 2's.

.celebrating 2's.  Today we are celebrating 2's.  Asher has been with us for two months already.  It is hard to believe that he has only been here for two months and at the same time that it has already been two months.  Daily he changes and he is not such a little baby anymore he is getting big and outgrowing three month clothes.  I find this hilarious because he will outweigh his sister in half a year - that is my bet anyways.  He is also full of smiles and cooing is one of his top activities. 
Another 2 to celebrate today is Lydia being 20 months old.  She is hilarious and adds humor to our lives daily.  She thinks everything that comes out of a bottle is ketchup or 'sup.  She loves, loves, loves letters and books and reading anything really.  She can tell you what sound P makes & that is very impressive for a 20 month old.  She is also a really good mother to bear-bear and pup-pup and is constantly buckling either one of them in Asher's car seat or her booster.  Today we are celebrating 2's.  .celebrating 2's.

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.hil. said...

Asher is getting so big!!! Adorible pics : )