Wednesday, November 3, 2010

.the authentic me.

.the authentic me.  There are days when it is hard to make it through the day.  When I feel like nothing is getting done.  There are days around here when my house gets turned upside down and there are piles of laundry, and dirty dishes, and dirty diapers because we use cloth.  There are days around here when pajamas are worn all day, and spit-up shirts and snotted pants don't get changed because of time.  There are days around here when the crying seems to never stop, and timeouts seem to last for hours.  Days when toys are not picked up and crayons are everywhere.  This is life, this is me. 
This week Ann Voskamp wrote a beautiful blog post about how freeing admitting this is.  She wrote about how telling the authentic heals both writer and reader.  Let me tell you it does.  I feel better.  I feel free because I can admit that I am not perfect.  And really, Only one is, and He alone truly heals. 

I am not asked to be perfect.  My maker knows that I am not.  He doesn't expect me to be.  However, he does expect me to come to him when I am covered in baby messes, when I am weary from picking up legos and books.  I am suppose to call upon Him alone when I feel like nothing will ever get done.  I am expected to come to him when I feel like the crying will not stop, and when I feel like the food on the kitchen floor will never cease.  I am to go to Him.  Because He Alone Will Heal My Weary SoulHe alone has the power to free me.  Thank you Lord for loving me as I am, dirty and tired.  Thank you Lord for loving us all.  And thank you Ann for writing beauty that touches others and heals wounds.  And thank you Ann for inspiring others to be authentic and tell their story.  .the authentic me.

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Lora said...

thanks for the reminder! i am totally with you - i understand!!