Friday, October 22, 2010

.my moby wrap.

.my moby wrap.  Many people have asked about my moby wrap.  You have seen me wearing it in a couple different posts; like here and here.  I made mine & you can too.  Trust me it's totally easy, probably the easiest thing I have made all year

All you need to make yourself one is get 5 or 6 yards of fabric.  It is important to get a knit fabric so that you do not have to do any sewing.  I purchased a jersey knit from, but cotton knits will work just as well.  When you get your fabric lay it all out.  Then cut it straight down the middle the long way, the whole 5 or 6 yards.  You will end up with two fabulous, ready to use moby wraps.  I told you it was easy.  And all for under $10.00, which is much better then $40.00 (which is about what they sell for in stores & online).

The hardest part about a moby wrap is not in the making of it.  It is in the wearing.  Once you get it figured out though it's not difficult.  I wear Asher around all the time, he loves being held and being close to me.  This is a way I can hold him and still have my hands free so I can get stuff done around my house.  A great website for how to tie the wrap and wear your baby is moby wrap, inc.  If you have any questions about baby wearing or how to make a moby wrap please let me know.  .my moby wrap.

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