Wednesday, October 13, 2010

.his baptism.

Our family
.his baptism.  On Saturday evening we celebrated as Asher was baptized.  It was wonderful being able to celebrate with family and friends.  We didn't do much to decorate, mostly due to lack of time.
cake bunting & mini flags
However, I did make cake bunting/garland (whatever you call it) and mini flags to decorate the cakes.  I made them to match the invitations that I made.  
the cake table with four fabulous cakes: carrot, caramel, lemon, and butter cream
To make either project all you need is string, scissors, tooth-picks, straws, and some decorative tape (got mine here).  For the bunting first take a one inch piece of tape and tape it to your string by folding in half.  Then cut it into a triangle or cut a triangle shape out of it.  With this you can either string it to two straws or to two tooth-picks.  For different looks you can cut the length of the straws.
mini cake flags
For the mini flags take one inch piece of tape.  Fold over a tooth pick.  And cut it into a triangle or cut a triangle out of it.  Both projects are so easy & so cute.  .his baptism.
my family

*Being a member of the Lutheran church we believe in infant baptism.  We believe this based on many passages in the Bible.  If you have any questions let me know and I will address them.  Infant baptism is one way of looking at baptism.  I have many close friends who do not believe in infant baptism - yet as the body of Christ they accept what I believe, and I accept what they do.  Baptism as an infant or as an adult is not a deal breaker in my book as long as Jesus is being taught in our homes as the true and only way of being saved.*

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