Thursday, October 28, 2010

.her first picture.

.her first picture.  Miss Lydia loves my camera.  She is constantly stealing it, turning it on, and saying, "cheese" while trying to take a picture.  She usually gets her fingers in the way.  If she doesn't get her hand in the way then her other problem is that she is moving and the pictures turn out all blurry.  This is expected, she is a year and a half. 

She loves to look at the pictures.  And would rather look and play with the camera then be the subject of the shots.  This is totally confirmed by the vast amount of pictures I have of the back of her head.  She always turns away, always.

She took this picture the other day.  It is the first one she shot that does not have her hand in it or is too blurred.  I think she did a great job and I am proud of her for it.  It was taken at breakfast time, before the milk was put away.  Before I drank my coffee completly.  And before Aaron left for work - those are his keys.  .her first picture.

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