Friday, October 15, 2010

.bringing fall in.

The beautiful leaves at the zoo
.bringing fall in.  I love fall.  LOVE IT.  It is by far my favorite season and if I had to choose one season to live in forever this would be it.  HANDS DOWN.  I do not really tend to decorate my house very much.  We usually live in the same decorations all year round.  Except for fall.  Decorating in fall is natural, easy.  Pick up a leaf put it on a table and bam your done. 
in our living room
I have fake leaves stored all year for this season & they go up on top of our entertainment system to bring in the essential essence of this gracious season.  This year I added a couple vases, just to spice things up.  The large one I filled with more fake leaves.  The smallest is filled with cattails picked from our yard.  The square vase will be filled with some mini pumpkins as soon as we visit our local pumpkin patch, hopefully this weekend.  And the feather was found and brought in my husband one night from a walk through our yard. 
up close look
To decorate the vases I added a few small details.  On the large vase I simply wrapped a ribbon around it twice and then knotted it with a square knot.  The other two vases are wrapped with a thin kraft paper bag and secured with decorative Japanese washi tape from cute tape.  It's simple, festive, and brings fall in.  How do you decorate for this season?  .bringing fall in.

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