Wednesday, September 1, 2010

.slapped silly.

isn't this the cutest love note ever!  what a wonderful husband & daughter I have :)

.slapped silly.  I know I have been talking about this little one, but my word.  Why did it not click in my brain that I will be having a baby soon.  Like really soon.  I woke feeling like someone slaped me and finally said, "GIRL... you are 39 weeks pregnant.  Get your sh*t done.  Get prepared.  ASAP". 
At 38 weeks!
So with that attitude I plan to clean today, right after we go on our playdate and eat lunch.  And possibly look at websites... NO girl - CLEAN.  I really am excited to meet the little one.... but until then there is so much to do.  And I need to get my list out, right after I make it, and start to check things off.  Go girl. GO.  .slapped silly.
Miss L. already loves him or her.
One day when Miss L was napping, I discovered that I can balance my camera on my belly.  The baby and I had a great time taking pictures - I was cracking up taking them. This baby is already so much fun.

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Liz Libré said...

Oh my gosh - 39 weeks! You're REALLY in the home stretch! You look fab, by the way.

Best to you!