Friday, September 17, 2010


.learning.  There are two little ones around here and we are all learning.
*Aaron and I are learning that we don't need sleep to function on a basic level.  But the more we have the more patient we are.  And to get to an average level we need at least 3 hours each. 
*We are learning that boys are difficult to change.  And it's not a matter of IF he will  pee on us - It's when. 
*We learned that having a changing table in Miss. L's room was a mistake - hello what do you do at night?
*We are learning that jaundice babies are tired - except at night when they need to be held from 9pm - 4am.  - Although this is also due to day/night reversal. 
*We are learning that 18 month old's transition fairly well, except when they wake up and need their mama to themselves. 
*And we are most definitely learning that having more children = love multiplied and not divided (something I worried about for the past 9 months). 
Everyday we are learning.  .learning.

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Kate Behring said...

You rock Desiree!