Wednesday, August 18, 2010

.with Him.

Picture taken while in CA

.with Him.  Last week I confessed that I have been struggling lately, this spring and summer my walk with the Lord has been meger at best.  I am both encouraged and sad that many of us share in this struggle.  It is encouraging to know that I am not alone fighting to keep the faith.  It is encouraging that we can all relate to each other, help each other out, pray for one another

But, I also have a heavy heart that so many people are in this exact same spot.  It is disheartening to know that the world can so easily overtake.  Sometimes I wonder how anyone ever stays pure and true in His word.  The truth to that last statement is they don't.  People don'tWe wander.  Only He stayed true, only Jesus is pure.  And it is ok that we admit it.  It's ok to be to be honest and say, "I have failed".  In doing so  we can work on our relationship with Him, we can hand it over and start to grow.  By admitting our weaknesses, our struggles, we can ask Him to help us.  And He will. 


This week I have slowly started to get back into His word.  Not everday mind you, but a couple of times - and that is better then the months prior.  I have been reading a little from Acts.  I am facinated by the boldness of the diciples and believers during the early church.  I am intreagued by Paul's faith after one divine meeting.  I have noticed too that my curiosity is growing the more I read.  God is at work. 

I also started reading the book Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur.  It was a Birthday gift from my mother in law & 15 pages into it I am excited to keep going.  After all there are some pretty extraordinary women in the Bible and I want them to become my role models, my encouragers.

My question for you is this:  Have you started reading your Bible again?  Have you decided to start?  If you don't struggle in this area, do you have any tips?  I hope your walk with the Lord continues to grow, like mine.  Go spend some time with Him.  Have fun diving back in.  And thank you again for your comments and sweet words of encouragement  .with Him.

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Anonymous said...

My mom gave me that book too as a Birthday gift! It is on my list to read, as I also have several others on that list too, but glad to hear it is good :)

Thanks for the encouraging message, Dez!! I too struggle with with this, it is so easy to find excuses when one is busy, but it really is important to set your priorities straight and spend time with Him. I'm hoping to find a personal Bible study/devotional that I can start when grad school/work begins this fall to help. :)

<3 Jess