Friday, August 13, 2010


.swagbucks. Have you ever heard of swagbucks?  I have read, for months, that I should sign up for swagbucks.  I have heard of people using it to get cool new gear such as cameras and little gadgets.  I have even heard of a lady who saves all her swag bucks to get amazon gift cards, so that she can do her Christmas shopping (great idea).  So, I finally decided to join.  I have only had swagbucks for a little over a week and I already have close to 300SB - I am going to save up for something really cool, like a camera or gps system.

If you have never heard of swagbucks it is a rewards website.  It allows users to earn virtual currency (SB) by doing everyday things like searching the web, shopping online, and much, much more.  Seriously check it out, sign up today, and start saving for really great gear.  .swagbucks.

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