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.sew mama sew's back to school giveaway.

.sew mama sew's back to school giveaway.  Wow I love the site sew mama sew.  Seriously, if you have not been there you don't know what your missing.  It was one of the first blogs that I started reading on a regular basis & once you go there you will know why - if you love sewing and crafts that is.  I love getting inspired by them throughout the year.  However, that is not why I am writing this post - although you really do need to go there if you have never been before. 

Anyhow, now that that tangent has ended I will explain my real reason for this post.  Sew mama sew is having one heck of a huge giveaway this month.  They are going to giveaway a new serger to one lucky entrant - a Husqvarna Viking 21 Serger to be exact.  All I can say is who ever wins is one lucky mama (or papa, not discriminating).  To enter yourself go to this post on their site, and good luck - although I will be uber jealous if you win & I don't.  .sew mama sew's back to school giveaway.

So, sew mama sew, here is the answer to your question.  How would your life be better with a serger?
*sorry for the awkwardness of the video... it was my first time recording myself & I am not that confident in being in front of the camera.*
I am going to write down my answers as well.... in the totally predictable case that the video I shot is not working.  (Seriously, I am really not good at the video uploads, and transfers, and whatnots... although since it has taken me all day I am hoping they work).
So, sew mama sew, here are my written answers:

1.  Faster sewing
I have a 17 month old and a baby due Sept. 17th.  - With two children who will be under two it's a miracle I find enough time to sew at all.  With a serger I think I would be able to crank out a couple more projects within a month.  Right now my average is about three - I could maybe up that by five.  I know that I would definitely be able to sew faster on that sucker & that would make my life better in itself. 

It would totally help with the hemming and save a ton of time that way.  I would no longer have to sit and press hems the way I do now.  I am trying to get over being a perfectionist and I think this little lady just might help me.  Also, the cutting feature sounds amazing.  AMAZING!  I am very particular about my fabric and seams being cut evenly with no extra strands (seriously I am working on getting over my fears of stray threads).  This would totally speed up that process and get me moving.

2. Professional look:  I have made a couple of Studio Cherie's perfectly designed duffel bags.  Due to the fact that I do not currently own a serger I have had to use the zig-zag stitch around the whole bag.  By having a serger I would be able to make more duffel bags with a more professional look.  It would also help me make other items look better, such as the dresses I make for my daughter and myself.

3. It matches my viking:  Right now I have a Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116 & he is in need of a friend.  This is pushing how it could make my life better.  I know.  In reality it would just be cute to have two machines from the same company be able to work out together.  Maybe they could fall in love, who knows.

4. It would save us money:  I have wanted a serger for a while, yet I know the cost is too high for me to even think about getting one.  In all honesty I would have to save for a number of years to get one.  And, I don't think I would spend that much on one even if I did save for it.  There are other things in this world that are way more important.  Such as sponsoring children, or donating money to adopting couples.  Not trying to pull your heart out or anything- I just really don't think I could justify spending that much on something for myself.  Ever.

5. It would get me pumped to sew after I have my baby:  Like I may have mentioned, I am due Sept. 17th.  It took me a long while to get back into my creating mood after I had Miss L.  I know that when I am not crafting & sewing I get a wee bit stressed because I don't have an outlet to go to.  I believe that winning a serger would get me pumped up enough to get back into a creative rhythm sooner.  Therefore, I would be less stress and my family would be all the better for that.  They would love you! (I did record my thoughts on this... but blogger won't let me put two video's on the same post.  So this separate video is here.)

6. I would be able to try my hand at different fabrics:  I have sewn a couple of items using knits (mainly one, cotton knit blend), but with a serger I could use knits and not worry as much.  Right now I am afraid to use knits because Mr.Emerald himself has not had a good showing.  I would also give lace the opportunity to shine in my craft room.  I have not worked with lace, but I love it's vintage beauty and believe that a serger would help get some in our house.

7. Here is a list of what I would make with a serger.
   *quilts - a little birdie told me that you can make big quilts with a serger.  I think it would be fun to try.  Right now I am limited to small ones.
   *baby hats & little clothes - I have yet to make anything for our new addition because I want to know the gender.  But, when the baby is born I would love to make it some clothes to welcome it into the world and our family.
   *skirts - I love making little skirts for Miss L. and believe that I could make a ton with the help of a serger.
   *pants/baby tights - I want to make some baby tights and or pants from Made by Rae's tutorial's.  I  have a bunch of knit tank tops saved up but would rather make them with a serger then my Emerald.  As stated above, Mr. Emerald has trouble with knits.  It's probably more me then him, but yes I will continue to pass the blame.
   *clothing for myself - I would love to make something for myself with the help of a new serger.  I don't make enough just for me.  This nightie set would be the first item I would make for myself, most definitely.
  *embellishments - By owning a serger I would be able to make more professional looking outfits and I would be able to add the perfect accents to them.  Specifically, I think it would help me out in making ruffles and floral accents.  Who doesn't adore a little flower love on a dress. 

Once again thank you sew mama sew for the chance to win!

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